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Square Impact Driver Bits - #2 - Red Collar / 113 Series *XPOWER

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Product #: OMGX11346
Gauge: #2; Length: 3"

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The Square Impact Driver Bits are built with durable carbon-steel shanks and shock-resistant steel tips.


Built with a "cling fit" maximum recess penetration square steel tip!

These impact bits are made to slightly flex under load which reduces pressure on the bit and increases it's life.

Bits are identified by their black color and red collar.

Made with a 1/4" hex shank!

  • Robertson® Original Square Drive: The Robertson® original square drive system invented by P.L. Robertson more than a century ago; it has been a popular system used for over 90 years.
  • Driver Bits: A small metal rod used in screwdrivers, drills and impact drivers that has a tip shaped to match various screw heads. This bit is then used to apply torque to the screw in order to drive it into a material.
Vendor Part #:720014400142HR07
Chuck Size: 1/4 inch
Color:Black w/ Red Collar
Screw Drive Type:Robertson® (Square)

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Square Impact Driver Bits - #2 - Red Collar / 113 Series *XPOWER

Square Impact Driver Bits - #2 - Red Collar / 113 Series *XPOWER

Built for Impact Drills - Slightly Flex Under Load - Reduce Pressure on Bit - Increased Lifespan - Red Collar - For driving fasteners with impact force