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Prentice Drill Bits - 1/2" Shank - HSS / DBPR Series *NITRO

$45.05 /EA
Product #: DBPR4364
DIA.: 43/64"
Available Online: 2
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The Drillco Prentice Drill Bits are built to drill into stainless steel and other hard metals.


These drill bits have a nitride surface treatment that gives them a hard protective layer without increasing brittleness.

Both the body and flute are gold & black for maximum lubricity.

Each bit is 6” in overall length, has a 3” flute and a 118° split point that reduces thrust and drill point walking.

Perfect for all stainless steel and hard metal drilling applications!

  • Drill Bits: A metal rod of varying length and diameter that is used to drill holes in various materials and is designed to help draw the cut material out of the hole.
Vendor Part #:R1
Color:Black and Gold
Flute Length: 3 inches
Material:High Speed Steel (HSS)
Overall Bit Length: 6 inches
Shank Size:1/2 inch

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Prentice Drill Bits - 1/2" Shank - HSS / DBPR Series *NITRO

Prentice Drill Bits - 1/2" Shank - HSS / DBPR Series *NITRO

Fractional - High Speed Steel - Black & Bronze - 118° Point - Reduced Shank - For drilling stainless steel and other hard metals