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Eye Wash - Twist-Cap - Saline / 32000 Series *EYESALINE

Product #: FDL320004510000
CONTR Size: 1 oz.
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Ideal Uses
  • Flush Contaminates from Eyes, Face and Body
  • Secondary First Aid Equipment

The Honeywell Single Use Eyewash Bottles are built to help remove debris and splashes from your eyes, face, and body.


These single-use eyewash bottles are built with a snap-off seal for ease of use.

Eyesaline is better than water as it is sterile and won't sting as much!

Each bottle is made of FDA grade polyethylene and is squeezable.

Won't sting as much!

How to Use

The bottles have a snap-out top design which easily comes off by twisting.

The resulting opening is larger than other styles of similar bottles and gives a greater flow of saline solution to help relieve the emergency faster.

Help flush out the following hazards from eyes, face, and body:

  • Airborne Particulates
  • Biohazards
  • Chemicals
  • Contamination
  • Gas
  • Vapors
  • Smoke
  • Splash

Shelf Life

The lot numbers and expiry dates are stamped on the bottle for easy identification.

The saline solution has a 36-month shelf life from the date of manufacture.


ANSI Z 358.1 - ANSI Z358.1 (Supplemental Equipment)

Certification(s) / Agency Approval(s) / Compliance:ANSI Z 358.1
Solution Type:Saline
Bottle Style:Snap-Out Top
Product Style:Single Use Bottle

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Eye Wash - Twist-Cap - Saline / 32000 Series *EYESALINE

Eye Wash - Twist-Cap - Saline / 32000 Series *EYESALINE

 Sealed - Sterile - Snap-Out Bottle - Squeezable - 36 Month Shelf Life - For single use on eyes, face and body