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3/4" - Quick Change Carbide Hole Cutter

Product #: GRE05693
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  • Electrical
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Ideal Uses
  • for Cutting Holes in Stainless Steel

The Greenlee Quick Change Carbide Hole Cutter cuts stainless steel quickly and easily.

Its Quick Change arbor allows you to change cutter heads with a simple push and turn. You can use the same arbor for different size cutting heads, and removable cutter heads are available in sizes from 5/8" through 3".

The flange stop prevents over-drilling, and the ejector spring on all sizes above 3/4" makes slug removal easier.

There is also a replaceable COBALT STEEL, SPLIT-POINT TIP pilot drill that prevents walking.

The cutter's precision carbide teeth are manufactured for optimum performance and durability.

A minimum chuck size of 3/8" is required.

  • Carbide Tips: Carbide tips are braised onto an edge for cutting materials. It can hold an edge ten to twenty times longer than a tool steel tip.
  • Hole Saw: A hole saw (or hole cutter) is built with an annular (ring) shape, which allows the blade to cut (or bore) out a hole in the workpiece. It's usually used along with an arbor bit and powered by an corded or cordless drill.
Chuck Size: 3/8 inch
Material:Carbide Tip
Shank Type:Quick Change
Size (Imperial): 3/4 inch

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3/4" - Quick Change Carbide Hole Cutter

3/4" - Quick Change Carbide Hole Cutter

Cuts stainless steel quickly and easily - Flange stop prevents over-drilling - Ejector spring makes slug removal easier