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Jobber Drill Bits - 118° - Fractional / DBE Series

Product #: DBE116
Drill Dia.: 1/16"
Available Online: 37
Availability in Store:
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Ideal Uses
  • for Drilling into Wood
  • for Drilling into Alloyed Steel
  • for Drilling into Unalloyed Steel
  • for Drilling into Cast Iron
  • for Drilling into Grey Iron
  • for Drilling into Aluminum
  • for Drilling into Brass

These Calfast approved jobber length drill bits are built with a 118 degree point and roll forged steel for general purpose machining, drilling and holemaking.

A Construction Grade Bit!

Roll forged steel gives these jobber bits the toughness, strength and resistance to vibration you need to get the job done.

  • Jobber Style Drill Bit: The most common type of drill bit available. Jobber means "something that does a job" and mostly refers now to the length of the bit. Jobber drill bits are 9 to 14 times longer than the diameter of the bit. They can come in a variety of metal types and are good for drilling wood, iron and different types of steel.
  • Drill Bits: A metal rod of varying length and diameter that is used to drill holes in various materials and is designed to help draw the cut material out of the hole.
Flute Coating:Black Oxide
Point: 118 degrees

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Jobber Drill Bits - 118° - Fractional / DBE Series

Jobber Drill Bits - 118° - Fractional / DBE Series

Roll Forged Steel - Black Oxide Coating - Built for Machining, Drilling, and Holemaking -  Roll Forged Steel for toughness, strength and resistance to vibration or shock