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Toilet Auger - 3' - Bulb Head / 59787 *K-3

$60.94 /EA
Product #: RDG59787
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Ideal Uses
  • Unclogging Toilets

The Ridgid K-3 Toilet Auger is built to quickly and safely clear blockages in toilets, especially water-conserving toilets.


This toilet auger comes with a bulb head built to break up blockages inside the toilet.

The 1/2" compression wrapped inner core cable is durable and kink-resistant so you can power through tough clogs with ease.

Made with steel tubing and large ergonomic handles for ease of use and comfort. 

Perfect for water-conserving toilets!

Vendor Part #:59787
Body Material:Steel Tubing
Max Cable Length:3 feet
Weight:4.5 lbs
Cable Material:Compression Wrapped Steel

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Toilet Auger - 3' - Bulb Head / 59787 *K-3

Toilet Auger - 3' - Bulb Head / 59787 *K-3

1/2" Compression Wrapped Cable - Kink-Resistant - Large, Ergonomic Handles - Steel Tubing - Vinyl Guard - For unclogging toilets, especially water-conserving toilets